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Unlock Telstra iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 by IMEI Code Permanent

We any time ask how to Unlock my iPhone? This is special tutorial how to Unlock Telstra iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 via IMEI code. In the world have many companies for Unlocking Telstra iPhone, but many from them are scam and only will give your money, but your iPhone will stay again Locked. We in this guide like to present to any Telstra Users the best and true company for Unlock iPhone by IMEI code. This is MyUnlockService, they work from 2010 year in this business and have the best prices. Below will explain what is Telstra Unlock iPhone service and how work.

Unlock Telstra iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4

Must to know that this not is software unlock or jailbreak. This is IMEI Unlock iPhone directly from apple servers. To use this service only is need to know your IMEI code and will Unlock your Telstra iPhone to use on any Sim card in the world. To find your IMEI code in your Apple device have two options, will show you below.

  • Click *#06# and IMEI code will show you on your screen.
  • Go in Setings -> General -> About and IMEI code is here.

The imei is 15 digit number only for your iPhone registred in apple servers database. Now when know your IMEI code is need to go on official page to Unlock Telstra iPhone service. Here is need to add the code in the form and then go next in checkout page. Here add your personal email and phone nuber for contacting and make payment. When will make payment will receive confirmation mail that your Telstra iPhone is Unlocking.

How to Complete Telstra Unlock iPhone Process

Here is need to download the latest version on iTunes on your computer. When will install connect your iPhone by USB cable on your PC and add other sim card not original Telstra in your Device. Then is need to make restore/update. When this process will be complete will see on your scree message “congratulations your iPhone has been unlocked”.

This is all need to do on your Device to Unlock Telstra iPhone permanently and to use on any Sim card you want. If have any questions this company will respond to you, contact any time on skype or on mail. Stay connect for the latest news for Unlocking iPhones on Facebook page on this company.

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